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Corpus Christi Traffic TicketOnce you have been charged with a motor vehicle offense, there can be a rippling effect on your life.  Not only are there expensive fines to be paid, but insurance companies have access to the state’s records for motor vehicle offenses.  DPS will add “points” to your driving record if you are convicted with a motor vehicle offense, which may lead to expensive driver’s license surcharges every year or even the loss of driving privileges.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a motor vehicle offense, the Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket lawyers listed on our site can help defend you or educate you on your rights and the motor vehicle offense laws in Texas. Call our Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Attorneys now at 361-400-2020, or fill out our online form to request a free consultation with one of our experienced traffic ticket defense lawyers.

Defending You Today to Prevent Expensive Consequences Tomorrow!

In Texas, motor vehicle offenses have more consequences than just a fine. You stand to lose your license if too many points are assessed against your license.  Also, you will likely see an increase in your auto insurance. Our Corpus Christi traffic ticket attorneys handle these cases to prevent the many expensive consequences of even a single traffic ticket.

Did you miss your court date, Then Hire A Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you have missed your court date, the court will issue what is called a Failure to Appear citation against you.  Even when this happens, a traffic ticket lawyer can help get you out of trouble.  When you hire one of our sponsoring traffic ticket attorneys for help with an FTA, you still will generally not have to appear in Court.  Our Corpus Christi traffic ticket lawyers will contact the court prosecutor, inform the  court you have retained a Corpus Christi attorney and then reschedule your court hearing.  Even if there is a warrant for your arrest, contact a traffic ticket lawyer immediately before it’s too late.