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Denton Traffic TicketIs it worth your time to fight a traffic ticket in Denton Texas?  Fighting a Denton traffic ticket successfully is possible, however, it can be time consuming and require a tremendous amount of effort.  If a ticket could result in hundreds of dollars in increased insurance premiums and traffic fines, fighting it may be worthwhile. 

Understanding The Law

Many law enforcement officers aren't particularly aware of the "letter" of the law, however, that's what Denton traffic ticket attorneys are for!  When combating Denton traffic tickets, the first step is to gain a full understanding of the exact law that you are alleged to have violated, and properly evaluate each element.  Once you've separated the law into each of its' components, you can then determine whether your actions and behavior did or did not adhere to the requirements contained within the law. 

Don't Pay Your Ticket, Hire A Denton Traffic Ticket Lawyer Instead

Even with a payment plan, paying a ticket immediately upon receipt is often considered an "admission of guilt".  With this in mind, upon receiving a ticket do not pay it.  In many jurisdictions, immediately paying the fine for a traffic violation is considered an admission of guilt.  Rather than "shelling out the cash", find out exactly how you can get your day in court and allow a court of law to determine whether you did or did not indeed violate the law.

Consider Defensive Driving

Many jurisdictions allow individuals to attend a defensive driving course to offset a traffic violation.  In return for attendance, all charges will be reduced or completely dismissed.  Before choosing this option, be sure to evaluate the laws within your particular state.  If you determine that this is a feasible option, simply request it from the presiding judge or prosecuting attorney.

Your Denton Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Get Your Ticket Dismissed If The Officer Fails To Show

Denton Traffic TicketThis is the easiest way to win and perhaps the most preferred… The accusing officer simply fails to show up!  Seeing as you have a constitutional right and duty to question the accusing officer, if the officer simply fails to show, typically all charges will be immediately dismissed.  Although not encouraged, there are ways to significantly increase the chances of a no show, such as postponing the court date, which can greatly increase the odds that the accusing officer will not be present during the trial.

Trial By Declaration

In most states, trial by mail is acceptable.  Simply enclose your reasons as to why you are presumed innocent via letter, and the accusing officer must do the same.  Often viewed as an opportunity for overtime, most law enforcement officers will actually show up for court, however, trial by mail is paperwork, and in this case most officers often fail to accurately present the full side of their story.  In this case, as the accused, you win by default.  However, if you lose by mail, you have lost nothing but postage and your time!  Regardless, you still have the opportunity to request defensive driving, an in-person trial, or to simply pay your fine.

Speedy And Public Trial

The sixth amendment entitles everyone to a speedy and public trial, and this often lends to an easy method to successfully avoid a ticket.  In some states, 45 days from the time of the violation is considered to be a "speedy trial".  Several jurisdictions require that the accused individual go the courthouse in person to obtain a specific court date.  Within the the many legal documents you are often requested to sign, a particular document offers the opportunity to waive your legal right to a speedy trial.  Never sign this document!  You can not be forced to sign this document, and in the case that the court system can not assign a specific date to address your case, within the allotted 45 day time frame, you're case must be immediately dismissed!

Double-Check For Errors

Most courts will excuse minor errors made on a traffic ticket – be it the misspelling of a name, color of a car, etc.  However, if the law enforcement officer cites the incorrect law or violation on the ticket or inaccurately describes the location or make or your vehicle, grounds for complete ticket dismissal are often considered. 

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