A Garland Traffic Ticket Lawyer May Be Able To Keep Your Record Clean!

Garland Traffic TicketMost individuals strive to “beat the system” after receiving a Garland traffic ticket due to a traffic violation, however, there are various factors which should be evaluated before deciding whether or not disputing the traffic ticket will be beneficial.

According to recent studies, most individuals are often heavily dissatisfied with their very first experience with dismissal of traffic tickets within the court system.  Most people report that the judge overseeing the trial failed to listen attentively, or worse yet, the accusing officer, despite being dishonest, won the trial anyway.  In light of these experiences, it is imperative to understand that combating a traffic violation can often be a struggle.

Understanding The Garland Traffic Violation

The most important factor in fighting a Garland traffic ticket is understanding exactly what you’ve been charged with.  Typically, a Garland traffic ticket will specify, normally via a code, exactly what violation was committed; every traffic violation has corresponding statutes and ordinances.

Whether a “civil infraction” or a “traffic misdemeanor” is ensued is the most crucial factor; “civil infractions” often result in a fine combined with the possibility of “points” being reflected on your driving record, while “traffic misdemeanors” are typically associated with a criminal offense.  In the case that a traffic misdemeanor is received, it is important to consult with a qualified attorney to determine how to further proceed, especially since a “guilty” conviction will result in a criminal record.  Regardless, researching and understanding the law to dissect the elements of the traffic infraction are crucial to determining if you did indeed violate the law;  often the behavior reported by an officer fails to support the receipt of a ticket.

Do You Really Need A Garland Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Having a qualified Garland traffic ticket attorney is always beneficial!  Especially when criminal offense charges such as driving with a suspended license, drunk driving, or reckless driving are ensued.  Even in the case of civil infractions, particularly when received while traveling out of town, hiring a Garland traffic ticket Lawyer can be beneficial, seeing as the attorney can easily appear in court to dispute the ticket on your behalf.  Most jurisdictions allow for provisions of this nature, especially in your absence.

If you do indeed have a prior record of driving violations and desire to keep your license, it is imperative that you seek the services of a qualified Garland attorney.  Even individuals with a spotless driving record can benefit from the services of a Skilled Garland Lawyer and retaining counsel.

Court Procedures

Many jurisdictions handle civil infractions in a way that combines both the elements of civil action and criminal action.  Normally, individuals are provided the opportunity to schedule a court date to appear before a judge or enter a plea by mail regarding the legal infraction;  an opportunity may also be available to simply plead “guilty with an explanation”, either in court or via mail.

Typically, a prosecutor will be present to participate in any necessary hearings.  Normally, prosecutors review your driving record and file, and at their discretion, may offer a deal dependent upon a guilty plea in regards to a specific traffic offense.  Some deals are more beneficial than others, and in this case, it is important to consult the services of a qualified Garland traffic ticket attorney.  Dependent upon the violation, some jurisdictions may also offer defensive driving school as an option to offset a possible traffic infraction.


Appealing a traffic conviction in court can be difficult, although you do have the right to do so;  typically, seeing as there is no additional presumption of innocence after the initial conviction, favor is given to the prosecution.  However, if you still wish to appeal, consulting with a qualified Garland Traffic Ticket  Attorney is mandatory to determine if an appeal is feasible and more so to understand the necessary steps to do so.

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