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Plano Traffic Ticket LawyerPlano Traffic tickets and fines are the major frustration of every Plano Texas driver, potentially adding thousands of dollars in additional expenses when combined with yearly vehicle maintenance and high gasoline prices.  When taking this point of view, it is important to be prepared.  Having valid arguments, along with solid evidence, combined with the experience of a qualified Plano Traffic Ticket Attorney is always beneficial in ensuring a favorable outcome.

Disputing The Facts Of  Your Plano Traffic Ticket

In the initial stage of any traffic ticket court date, the plano officer, along with assistance from the prosecutor, will provide a testimony of events to the presiding judge.  When addressing the testimony of the ticketing officer, it is your responsibility to demonstrate that the facts surrounding the traffic infraction don’t correspond with the testimony given.  This is often accomplished with the assistance of photographs of the scene, diagrams, and even eyewitness statements of the events as they transpired.

Attack The Opinions

Seeing as you’ve decided to fight a Plano traffic ticket, it is important to proceed with valid arguments and evidence that substantiate and support your claims.  Traffic violations and infractions are for the most part based upon subjective information.  Knowing this, it is important to question the ticketing officer in regards to why you were deemed to be unsafe, the presence of traffic and other vehicles near you, exactly where he or she was at the moment, as well as any other factors that may call into question the point of view presented, which resulted in a traffic infraction.

Argue Necessity

In most cases, it is always plausible to simply argue that your mode of driving was necessary at the time given the circumstances.  Perhaps there was an unforeseen emergency with your vehicle, you were required to change lanes or speed at the last minute to avoid an incident, or worse yet, surrounding traffic dictated your method of driving…

Regardless of the reason or the strategy selected, when the possibility of losing your license and driving privileges are at stake, consulting a skilled Plano Traffic Ticket Lawyer is always the best choice!

Consulting A Plano Traffic Ticket Attorney

Plano Traffic Ticket AttorneyHiring an experienced Plano traffic ticket attorney can be beneficial in even the most common traffic violations, seeing as it takes an individual who understands the traffic laws of your state and is well versed in the court system to ensure that a desired result is achieved.  Often, going before a court judge to plead your case or dispute your traffic violation isn’t something that you consider routine;  a seasoned Plano traffic ticket lawyer in these cases could literally be the difference between severe penalties and fees and ensuring a spotless driving record.

Have you been pulled over and issued a ticket for an offense – – like speeding, running a stop sign or red light, mechanical violation, or reckless driving – we can help!   Contacting us can make the difference between getting a warning and paying fines or having your drivers license suspended!

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