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San Marcos Traffic TicketBeing cited with a motor vehicle offense in San Marcos can have a rippling effect on your life.  Expensive fines and sky rocketing auto insurance premiums are only part of your worry.  The Texas Department of Public Safety will also assess points against your permanent driving record if you are convicted of a speeding ticket or other moving violation.  Rack up enough points and you will find yourself having to pay several hundred extra dollars every year just to keep your license.  If your driving infractions are serious enough or often enough, you could even lose your driving privileges or have your license suspended.   

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Hiring a San Marcos traffic ticket attorney can cost much less than you might think.  With so much on the line, the San Marcos Traffic Ticket lawyers listed on our site can aggressively defend you and can usually reduce your fines and keep the traffic ticket off your permanent driving record.  In fact, if our San Marcos lawyers can't help, your entire legal fee will be refunded in full.  What do you have to lose?  Call our San Marcos Traffic Ticket Attorneys now at (512) 582-2442or fill out our online form to request a free consultation with one of our experienced San Marcos traffic ticket defense lawyers.

A San Marcos Traffic Ticket Attorney May Cost Less Than Simply Paying Your Fine

Conviction for even a single traffic ticket is not only expensive, but you can even lose your driver's license if you rack up too many points or your citation is serious enough.   Then there is your permanent record to consider.  Convictions on your permanent driving record can affect your ability to enter the graduate school of your choice, keep you out of medical school, law school or the military.  Many high end employers will look at your driving record as well.  Our San Marcos ticket defense lawyers regularly resolve traffic ticket cases to prevent the many negative consequences of a traffic ticket conviction.

Did you miss your court date?

Failing to appear for your court date can also result in an additional citation called an FTA.  A failure to appear may cause a warrant to be issued for your arrest.  Even if you have missed your court date, a traffic ticket attorney can help get you out of trouble if you act soon enough.  You need to have the best legal representation available when you have failed to appear for your court date.  By hiring one of our San Marcos Texas traffic ticket lawyers, you will usually not even have to appear in court.  Instead, your San Marcos traffic ticket lawyer will appear in court on your behalf and work hard to get your fines reduced and keep all citations off your permanent driving record.   Even if you receive a letter informing you there is a warrant issued for your arrest, a San Marcos traffic ticket lawyer can still intervene to try and resolve your traffic ticket and keep you out of jail

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